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That is the sum end and beginning of who we are, researchers and historians.  Everything we say is backed up by solid research. Logical assumptions are few and far between -we avoid them as much as possible, but when excessive abuse of power is not addressed, they are practically unavoidable. Is it, for example, credible to say that Simpson is not guiltuy of murder? In the world that we live in, the claim that he is guilty is a logical assumption.

In the main, we are the sort of people that Richard Nixon objected to when he said that historians would not be kind to him. Johnson was smoother, he thought he could control what historians said about him and he did a wonderful job courting them. Kennedy really understood history and was prepared to learn from it.

We are not conspiracy theorists. If you think that we are, take a good, long hard look at the so called mainstream media and the Starr Report and think again. In particular, the media routinely broadcasts under the by-line "investigating the President" and that's what you call the longest media conspiracy theory in world history. In actual fact, anti-Clinton hysterics have been targeting the President, there has never been an investigation. If the media had its way, Clinton would have resigned and Gingrich would have been on the verge of becoming President of the United States. The electorate decided otherwise and it was Gingrich who was forced to resign. We repeat, if you think that we are conspiracy theorists, think again. There are some reporters who are still claiming extreme anger over the fact that Clinton lied to them as if they had any right to ask him about his private, legal life or as if Clinton was the only President to have ever lied to them. Under these circumstances, one has to wonder whether these reporters are extremely partisan or extremely stupid, neither of which bodes well for the quality of journalism.

The public has ultimately proven that it is more powerful than the media and it will take alot of hard work to retain that status. In particular, don't believe anything you read -99% of what is widely promoted is either a deliberate fabrication or an inadvertent misrepresentation. Read as much as possible and believe only what makes good sense. When you become a mature reader, you will ignore the written word entirely and you will "swim in a stream of impulses and inspirations". At that point in time, you will understand and appreciate the work of knowledgeable, independent researchers who follow the evidence as rigorously as they ignore their own peculiar, biased expectations. And then, you will in fact be, a genuine student of history.

If you would like to become a mature reader, this is the standard to aim for:

"At the hour when our imagination and our ability to associate are at their height, we really no longer read what is printed on the paper but swim in a stream of impulses and inspirations that reach us from what we are reading...But whoever is not acquainted with this stage is a poor, an immature reader. He/she does not know that all the poetry and all the philosophy in the world lie within him/her too, that the greatest poet drew from no other source than the one each of us has within his/her own being."

The Media versus The People

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