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The birth of a pop icon

Amber and Scott

by David Sween

August 14, 2004

Unfortunately, most people lie. The difference between a fool and an intelligent human being is the capacity to determine when a person is lying and when a person is telling the truth. If you listen to the Amber tapes, it is very easy to determine when Scott Peterson is lying. It is also very easy to determine when Scott Peterson is telling the truth, unless of course, you are an arrogant fool on the "lynch Scott Peterson" bandwagon.

Most of the tapes consist of private, useless gossip that would cause an experienced Attorney like Mark Geragos to walk out of the court room because it is exhaustively embarrassing to pry into a personal conversation of two idiotic liars, one of which believes to be a prosecuting attorney. This brief exchange recorded on January 6, 2003, should aptly illustrate the point:

Frey: You know the only thing that would ever make me or change my mind in any way is that she show and she...she is found alive or comes forward or whatever...

Scott: God, I hope she is found alive. We all hope she is found alive. We're all working for that.

Frey: Really?

Scott: Yes

Frey: And you think that's gonna happen?

Scott: God, I hope so.

Frey: Do you feel that she's honestly going to be found alive?

Scott: I've been losing hope.

Frey: You've been losing hope?

Scott: For the last couple of days.

Amber Frey repeatedly and aggressively cross examined Scott Peterson ad nauseam, and she failed to raise a single, valid reason, to suggest that Scott Peterson is a murderer. In fact, she managed to prove the exact reverse, because after threatening to call the police, Scott Peterson was not concerned. If Amber Frey wanted to call the police to voice her extreme obsession to blame Scott Peterson for the disappearance of Laci, she was free to do so. If Scott Peterson was a violent man with Laci's blood on his hands, he would not hesitate to give Amber Frey a taste of what it takes to attempt to cover up a murder. Make no mistake about it, Scott Peterson had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of Laci Peterson, and the fact that he never threatened Amber Frey, is ample proof of that, because it is not the murder, it is the cover up that betrays pre-meditation. In the words of Amber Frey, "actions speak louder than words" and Scott Peterson's lack of aggression makes it impossible for anybody who is not a fool, to suggest that Scott Peterson murdered Laci.

I am not a violent person, but I will tell you frankly that if "Prosecutor" Amber Frey had treated me the way that Amber Frey treated Scott Peterson, I would be more inclined to snap her neck than to tolerate her exhaustive ignorance and if that does not make Scott Peterson the least violent person on planet earth...surprise me. Consider this exchange:

Frey: ...How would you...how could you possibly not think you being not married would affect me? How?

Scott: Uh...I don't know how to answer that right. Um...I...God, I don't want to say it again, but I mean you obviously don't deserve this. I had no idea this was going to happen.

Frey: Sounded like you did.

Scott: I can't, no, no, no, Amber, no.

Frey: Really?

Scott: I know you can't believe me and you shouldn't believe me, but...

Frey: I should believe you that no, you couldn't have anything to do...

Scott: No, no, that's not what I'm saying.

Frey: ...with her disappearance? Is that what you're telling me?

Scott: I had nothing to do. My God, Amber, I had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Frey: Then who did?

Scott: We don't have any ideas.

Frey: Really?

Scott: There was a robbery here and, you know, there's... they have...

Frey: You think a robber had something to do with her disappearance?

Scott: Across the house where she disappeared there was a robbery that morning.

Frey: Uh-huh. And?

Scott: Well, obviously.

Frey: Well, robbers don't steal people, pregnant people, for that.

Scott: I'm telling you the... the police. Those are the leads they've indicated.

Frey: Oh, those are the only leads they've indicated?

Scott: Yeah

Frey: really?

Scott: Well, they're not sharing anything with me.

Frey: They're not sharing what with you?

Scott: Any investigation except for the search.

Frey: Uh-huh...

Scott: I...

Frey: Unbelievable, Scott.

Scott: I know. All I can say is how sorry I am that you are being put through this.

Isn't Scott Peterson the perfect, scoundrel/gentleman? Needless to say, if I was the Prosecutor, I would tell the judge that the Amber tapes were exculpatory evidence because Scott Peterson is anything but a murderer..

It is naturally very easy to exploit Scott Peterson and to create the false impression he murdered Laci Peterson because aggressive zealots like Nancy Grace and Gloria Allred routinely manipute the public by flooding the media with closing argument advocacy that is not supported by any evidence. Conveniently, they ignore the fact that Scott Peterson did not have the motive, the means or the opportunity to murder his wife Laci, and the false impressions that are deliberately created to compensate for the absolute lack of evidence, have turned the entire justice system upside down. In a typical investigation, you begin with questions and you proceed to answer them. In the Peterson case, aggressive advocates assume that Peterson murdered Laci and they seek to gag anybody who knows better.

Needless to say, the people who are falsely implicating Scott Peterson have failed to convince any reasonable jury and they never will. We have all heard about imaginary anchors, about chicken wire that was allegedly used to decapitate Laci, about the false claim that Scott's boat was salt-water free... and a host of equally preposterous, unproven theories. There is absolutely no evidenciary value in all this non-stop speculation which is seeking to lynch Scott Peterson by planting National Enquirer calibre stories and by giving aggressive advocates like Nancy Grace and Gloria Allred the opportunity to mislead the public. Gloria Allred and Nancy Grace may erroneously believe that everybody who is arrested is guilty, but they cannot prove the guilt of a man who is falsely accused.

The entire case against Scott Peterson is characterized by aggressive advocacy and by the obsession to distort or to deny the opportunity to expose the truth, and one can produce an entire encyclopaedia of examples to illustrate the point. For example, lead Detective Grogan interrogated Scott using a hidden video camera and hidden tape recorder, and instead of relying evidence gathered to try the case, [the batteries in the tape recorder allegedly went dead thus the audio tape recording does not exist, if you would like to accept this excuse] the prosecution relies upon Gloria Allred, to prep Amber Frey. At this point in time, given the absolute zeal to misrepresent the facts for the sake of implicating Scott Peterson, it is reasonable to assume that the interrogation that did not yield evidence did not go as Grogan planned, so the audio portion was deliberately destroyed. Sound extreme? Not really. When you consider the fact that Gloria Allred is the only person associated with the case that is not silenced by a judge's gag order, the only thing that is extreme is the simple truth.

Some will continue to believe that Scott is guilty even if he is acquitted, others will think that an innocent man was railroaded if he is convicted. The truth is, Scott has been cleared by the absolute scrutiny, and instead of using mouthpieces like Gloria Allred to distort the truth, we should be trying to identify the person or persons who are responsible for the murder of Laci Peterson.

Instead of investigating the murder of Laci Peterson, the prosecution is trying to convince a jury that Scott murdered Laci, and then put her into his toolbox, took her out of his toolbox, put her into his boat, then dumped her into the Bay, not because they have gathered evidence, but because Kim Fulbright, a woman who was nearly identical to Laci's size and pregnant condition, climbed into the toolbox, climbed out of the toolbox, and out of the boat. Did Scott Peterson murder Laci, did he murder Kim Fulbright or is he responsible for every unsolved murder, as long as the body will fit into Scott Peterson's toolbox?

Never yield and never waver, Scott Peterson is clearly not guilty and Gloria Allred will never prove otherwise.

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