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Howard Dean is supposed to be so popular that he has allegedly raised over $40 million, and the average donation, it is frequently pointed out, is well under $100. The zeal to create the impression that everybody except Howard Dean is influenced by special interests, is absolutely preposterous. Special interest groups are not morons, they use the Internet to direct money to the candidate of their choice, and they are better at it than anybody else because they let their money do all the talking. The claim that the people who are funding Dean's campaign do not expect anything in return, is an obscene fraud. Howard Dean's entire campaign is based on well orchestrated lies, distortions and deceptions and they are clearly too deliberate to fail to betray the pattern and the conduct of lobbyists who spend millions of dollars, to distort the truth. The claim that Howard Dean's campaign is driven by grass-root supporters is clearly a desperate fraud, and the exhuberant enthusiasm of those who have taken the bait, is based on the failure to recognize the real Howard Dean.

According to popular misconception, Howard Dean has used the Internet to prove that the Republican and Democratic parties are no longer the most effective ways to organize like-minded people to achieve political ends. Clearly, the suggestion that Howard Dean has singlehandedly upstaged the Democratic Party is the wet dream of crafty political operatives who have generated the perception that Howard Dean is essentially a third-party candidate who has used Internet technology to achieve a takeover of the Democratic Party. But perception is not reality. Like Richard Nixon, who collected million dollar, cash donations in brown paper bags to bribe eyewitnesses who were in a position to expose corruption, Howard Dean should not brag about the size of his war chest, because if all of his fans are corect, then the Internet has the power to take away that which it has so generously granted --the false perception that Howard Dean is John Kerry and John Edwards, rolled into a single candidate. Howard Dean claims that he is the only distinct candidate when John Edwards is the only Democratic candidate who has not spend his entire adult life in politics and John Kerry is the Democrat with the progressive record that Howard Dean is trying to hijack, through his so called ability to upstage the Democratic party.

Has anybody heard anybody say anything nice about Howard Dean, other than he shares the Mafia's capacity to raise money?

Howard Dean is the inverse of John Kerry and Joe Trippi was paid 25.3 million dollars to create the false impression that Howard Dean was in fact the frontrunner. That's what you call fraud.

Howard Dean is fast becoming the biggest swindler and the biggest hypocrite in American politics -he is now calling John Kerry a Republican. Is he the most desperate loser in the entire US?

I was watching 'Inside Politics' today [February 1, 2004] and CNN claimed that Howard Dean's lies are putting John Kerry on the defensive. Is it not the media's responsibility to expose the liar?

Dean said his campaign would "come back because we have a record that's based on results and not hot air." The truth is, he is all hot air.

The media loves to promote the wonderful delusion that Howard Dean has used the Internet to create his own party, his own hierarchy, his own lists, his own money, and his own organization, but that does not make any sense at all, Indeed, if that were true, Howard Dean would not even need the Democratic Party, he could simply use all his so called Internet resources to run as an Independent.

Howard plans to call his movement the "I have a SCREAM DREAM"!

"Not only are we going to lose in New Hampshire" Howard Dean said, his voice rising. "We're going to lose in South Carolina and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to lose in California and Texas and New York."

Then he let out a strange, extended, yelp that seemed to come from deep within him: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Dean resumed his roll of states. "We will not give up! We will lose in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan! We will not quit now or ever!

Amazingly, it only cost Howard Dean 25 million dollars to pay Joe Trippi to tell you all that he is going to win -now that's what you call revolutionary !

Now, we all know what Howard Dean means, when he talks about all those grassroots, Internet efforts, that will take back the White House -at 25 mil a pop !


Fume Howard Fume !

Footnote: The missing story of the campaign to determine the Democratic Nominee is: Who financed the plot to lynch John Kerry? Any ideas? Please use the following message board to record them because we are on the trail of the plot to Lynch John Kerry?

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