Blowhards dominate publicity and...
Pervert Justice

Blowhards turn the media into a ministry of propaganda that is dominated by the fierce advocacy of the well funded, political agenda that extremists promote. The clones of the Scaife-funded Independent Women's Forum are a prime example of how like-minded fanatics are dominating the media through their "blowhard advocacy. Candace DeLong, who acts like J. Edgar Hoover's wing of the FBI, is another example. Ted Rowlands, the only "reporter" without a profile, is another mysterious blowhard who is very good at dominating publicity but very poor at issuing any information that is reliable.

The truth is the only thing that matters and integrity is always the only authority. Demagogues who exploit their authority pervert justice and create the frenzy that never fails to lead the to the miscarriages of justice that currently threaten to undermine the integrity of the entire, politically motivated legal system.

[Nancy Grace: Queen of sycophant adulation.] On February 21, 2003, Nancy Grace accused Michael Jackson of being a sexual pervert on national television, and she did it so explicitly, that if this demagogue and CNN are not sued for slandering Michael Jackson, his attorneys are sleeping on the switch. In particular, Nancy Grace said: "Well, these kids know him real up close, too, in bed with him. And, Larry, what this child alleges is shocking and incredible and so much of this affidavit... But I'm telling you, this boy, two-thirds of this can be corroborated by other people. So why would he lie about the molestation part? It is in graphic detail. It just seems true." The suggestion that uncontested, innocuous facts are proof of sexual molestation charges, is an absolutely preposterous, slimey tactic that is used to assume credibility where none exists. People who use extraneous observations to create the impression that outrageous allegations are credible, are essentially desperate liars, and if demagogues like Nancy Grace are not sued, they will continue to abuse their power.

The extreme gap between the truth and the rhetoric of a demagogue like Nancy Grace, speaks for itself.

GRACE: Well, it's my understanding that there was a very, very long and intense police investigation that the file is, as they say, inactive because, I believe, the victim did not want to go to court. That's what I think. That's what I can deduce. And we all know that there was a civil settlement of millions and millions of dollars. And interestingly enough, on February the 10th, there was a response by the Jackson camp to this affidavit being made public online. It didn't negate the truth of the affidavit, it just simply attacked the breach of the confidentiality agreement

TRUTH: The so called victim's family was after MONEY not JUSTICE. The victim did not have a case to go to court with. Clearly, the D.A. did not refuse to prosecute the case because evidence that Michael Jackson sexually abused children, existed.

GRACE: And you know what, Larry? I think that if a father had tried to extort Michael Jackson for millions of dollars, you want to tell me he would not have been arrested or charges filed? At the beginning -- and the panel laughed when I brought this up, specifically the Jackson family lawyer. But the Jackson camp changed their stories so many times. First, they said this was an extortion attempt; they would never pay. Then, suddenly, as police began to develop evidence, they did pay millions of dollars... Right. And I'll make it quick, Larry. I've got in my hand again the affidavit of Jordy, not the cancer victim. This is another boy that had sleepovers with Jackson. You said that this was all about extortion. Question to you: Why wasn't this child's father prosecuted for extortion if you claim that was why, what this was all about?

TRUTH: The police SHOULD HAVE charged Michael Jackson's adult accusers with extortion. Nancy Grace likes to blame Michael Jackson because the police didn't do their job properly. Nancy Grace cannot blame Michael Jackson for the fact that the police did not do their job right. The police even failed to investigate the kidnapping of Laci Peterson because demagogues like Nancy Grace blame her husband, why would anybody expect the police to help a "weirdo" like Michael Jackson? Moreover, if, as Nancy claims, the police had developed credible evidence to support outrageous charges of criminal, sexual misconduct, why didn't they file criminal charges? After all, Nancy Grace was "talking about oral sex, manual masturbating, taking baths together", not about a harmless sleepover.


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