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Propaganda Minister, Rupert Murdoch

New York, New York - In a conversation with Fox News celebrities, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, that was picked up by an open microphone, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corp., repeatedly referred to Fox News viewers as morons and white trash. The incident took place as the three men were sitting together at a benefit dinner for the Ann Coulter defense fund. Apparently, they had been drinking heavily which may account for their lack of restraint and obliviousness to the open microphone that was positioned directly in front of them.

At one point, while addressing O'Reilly and Hannity, Murdoch said, "Can you believe the shit we get away with? Good thing our viewers are dumb as doorknobs or else we would be in trouble." To which, Hannity laughed and then replied, "Yeah, I heard that people who watch Fox News have to wear bibs to catch their drool so their sofas won't be stained by the tobacco juice, and that's just the women." O'Reilly, also laughing, then joined in by saying, "Hey, how many Fox viewers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they all refuse to change the bulb because they prefer living in the dark."

However, the unkindest cut of all that is sure to enrage Fox viewers came at the end of the conversation when Murdoch raised his glass in a toast and said, "God bless trailer park trash and idiots everywhere. Without them Fox News would be nothing and I would not be a billionaire."

After news of the recorded conversation became public, Fox News released the following brief statement, "We encourage our viewers to reject anything they hear or see that does not come directly from Fox News. Fox News is the only source of information you need for Fair and Balanced™ coverage."

Is the above fact or fiction? We haven't a clue, but like the bible, which is figuratively if not literally believable, it is all clearly true.

Tyrants like Rupert Murdoch are responsible for all the chaos around us because they systematically silenced intellectual giants like Northrop Frye, who had said,

"I have been facing groups of students for thirty years, and have never ceased to be impressed by the amount of sheer courage it takes to keep on studying and ignore the infinite resources of anti-intellectual suggestion. I have watched students resisting the temptations that came through all the disguises of the second world war, the cold war, the atom bomb, the McCarthyist witch-hunts and have finally seen the enemy enter the university itself. It is students, today, who repeat the formulas of the ignorant and stupid of a generation ago, that the university is a parasitic growth on society, that academic freedom is old-hat liberal rhetoric, that because complete objectivity is impossible, degrees of objectivity do not matter, that the university seeks for a detachment that ducks out of social issues, that scholarship and research are all very well but of course aren't real life. It is no accident that the more extreme this attitude becomes, the more closely its social effects come to resemble those of the youth movements set up by Hitler and Stalin. For the totalitarian impulse is the primitive impulse, the longing to return to the narcotic peace of society's version of truth and reality, where we no longer have to cope with the conflicts of intellectual freedom and social concern."

Rupert Murdoch created the world that made it possible to select and to tolerate the tyranny of leaders like Bush and Cheney and he did it by manufacturing the false impression that the liberalism/decency of people like Northrop Frye was a dirty word.

According to Frye, the most penetrating thinkers of all repressive societies are accused of heresy and the best that a culture has to offer is destroyed, and the impact of the ominous reflection about the growing evidence that the "enemy" had penetrated the university itself, has been repressed and deliberately distorted by the media.

Moreover, the chasm between Northrop Frye the liberal and George Bush (Murdoch's man) the ideologue was indeed so extreme that if you put them in the same room, they could not possibly engage a coherent, rational conversation. Northrop Frye exposed the unbridgeable gap when he said: "I detest arguments. You're going to lose any argument with an ideologue because you can only argue on the basis of a counter-ideology, and I'm not doing that."

Similarily, the chasm between pro-Gulf War zealots and antiwar scholars was irreconcilable. In the eyes of pro-Gulf War zealots, Iraq was Nazi Germany incarnate. In the eyes of scholars like Northrop Frye, Iraq was the site of the worlds first known civilization, and like Vietnam, which was thousands of years older than our civilization, we were declaring war on a history we did not even recognize.

Greatest Performance ever !

Greatest Performance ever !


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