1. In 1993, Evan Chandler claimed that Michael Jackson had molested his son. Getting away with EXTORTION.

  2. Martin Bashir's documentary, shown in Britain by ITV last Monday, drew one of the biggest audiences all season for ABC, and a ratings-busting 27 million Americans watched it on Thursday February 13, 2003. DEMONIZING JACKSON.

  3. The fraudulent case against Michael Jackson.

  4. More extortion In January 2000, a woman named Janet Arvizo consulted with a civil lawyer about suing Michael Jackson for having allegedly molested her son.

  5. A Strange Obsession: Tom Sneddon's Crusade..

  6. How extortion forced Michael Jackson to settle.

  7. Why Dr. Murray, who made sure that Michael Jackson was healthy, is just another scapegoat.

  8. Pundits like Wendy Murphy slander Michael Jackson.

  9. Congressman Peter King slanders Michael Jackson.

  10. A reporters point of view.

  11. Raiding Neverland and Dr. Murray.

  12. A criminal investigator's conclusions.

  13. The Media Lynches the obvious scapegoat..

  14. Trumped up charges: Kidnapping and Extortion

  15. Joe Jackson: How do you grieve under scrutiny?

  16. Whose will is HIS estate serving?

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