Where is Howard?

The failure to lynch John Kerry
Howard Dean: A phony peace activist - exposed

If Howard Dean had a picture of himself with John Lennon, it would have been the centerpiece of his campaign to hijack the Democratic party.

Why do all the chaps who have a tremendous amount of cash on their hands to promote the outrageous fiction that they are peace activists, get all the attention? Do you have any doubt that if the above picture was of Lennon and Howard Dean, the media would have brought it to your attention?

A picture is worth a thousand words, remember? Why did the media miss this one?

The great missing story of campaign to determine the Democratic Nominee, is the massive, well funded, calculated effort to select Howard Dean. The campaign began with the Big Lie that it is possible for a relative unknown like Howard Dean to use the Internet to mobilize and to raise millions of dollars. It is certainly possible to use the Internet to launder millions of dollars, but it is not possible to use the Internet to raise millions of dollars, on the name recognition of a warmongering redneck like Howard Dean. Fraudulent publicity aside, Howard Dean is Barry Goldwater, without Richard Nixon. In 2004, Howard Dean's barrier to getting his itchy finger on the nuclear trigger was John Kerry, and unlike Nixon in 1968, John Kerry is not one of those Establishment bipartisan, backroom warmongers, who crave excuses, to launch, pre-emptive, military strikes.

We have been publishing on the Internet since 1998, we have reached millions of people, we have received thousands of supportive letters acknowledging our work, but we have not raised a singe penny in contibutions, because we have not spent a single penny. That's how the Internet works. If you want to make money on the Internet, you have to spend it first. Everything else, is money laundering.

And so, the great, missing story of the campaign to determine the Democratic Nominee is: Who financed the plot to lynch John Kerry? Any ideas? Please use the following guestbook to record them because we are on the trail of the plot to Lynch John Kerry?

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