Monica Lewinsky is scheduled to testify before Starr's grand jury today -yawn, yawn. The media is going to cover it as if Lewinsky is going to be cross-examined or expose anything beyond Starr's script. Who told us and when did we find out? After Lewinsky's last appearance before the grand jury, Jonah Goldberg said that Lewinsky would be called back to testify after Clinton had provided his testimony before the grand jury. How convenient. The Goldbergs have also said that Bruce Lindsey and Vernon Jordan are the probable sources of the "talking points".

Monica Lewinsky, it is widely reported, will appear before the grand jury and will contradict President Clinton. We all know the story about Samson and Delilah, but this is getting ridiculous. Grand jury testimony is supposed to be secret, it isn't supposed to be a forum for scripted testimony that is leaked even before it is given. Cut to the chase. The bottom line is this: If Ken Starr used the grand jury to confront the President with clear and convincing evidence that the White House is the source of the "talking points" document, then Clinton should resign. If Starr thinks that he can sell a load of baloney about "talking neckties" he should get on his high horse and ride out of town, because the people have been known to tar and feather a scoundrel or two. [posted August 20, 1998]


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