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The consistent element of the Whitewater witch hunt is the shadiness of the characters involved. David Hale, Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg, Dick Morris...

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If Clinton is judged by the quality and the character of his enemies, he is a great President. If Starr is judged by the tactics and the nature of his supporters, he is a Grand Inquisitor. While Starr is intrusive, abusive and tenacious enough to catch Clinton with his pants down, he fails to prosecute Clinton's enemies with obstruction of justice for fabricating the "talking points." Prosecutors are supposed to investigate violations of law, they are not supposed to serve the illegitimate interests of their political allies. Moreover, if prosecutors were charged with the duty to humiliate and embarass people, Starr would certainly be the top dog. As it stands, despite Clinton's personal humiliation, Starr still has McDougal's blood on his hands, and that is the sort of stain that the FBI lab should scrutinize. Relevant update: Dick Morris, whom Starr is now planning to drag before the Grand Jury had called Bill Clinton a "Nixonian creep." Clinton's critics have mounted a public relations campaign to "Nixonize" Clinton and Morris is evidently a co-conspirator in that effort. And now, the public relations machine which seeks to create the impression that Clinton deserves to be impeached, is producing Grand Jury testimony, to that effect. The distinction between the public relations arena and the legal arena is increasingly blurred -stay tuned, to see whether in fact Morris turns out to be the "real creep." [posted August 18.1998]

Surprise, surprise, surprise, Dick Morris says that Clinton is arrogant for criticizing Starr. On the contrary, anyone who fails to criticize a Grand Inquisition is irresponsible. And now, media commentator Dick Morris sounds like he is trying to salvage the credibility of the media. After more than four fruitless, wasteful, nauseating years of manufacturing crises through the dramatic dub "investigating the President", the media has absolutely nothing to show beyond "investigating the personal life of the President" and that has been exceedingly difficult to accept. The media has been preparing for a funeral for over four years now and the only thing that has died is media credibility -and now they are using the embarrassment of an overexposed sexual indiscretion to beat down a man who is at the lowest point of his life. Calling Clinton a Nixonian creep may create the impression that the entire witch hunt was justifiable, but few people are that gullible. The current fantasy is that everything would have gone away if Clinton had simply told the truth seven months ago. What a nice fairy tale. [posted August 19, 1998]

Couldn’t help but bust out laughing when Anne Coulter said that Linda Tripp is a Patriot. Sounds like Linda Tripp was one of the operational vehicles of Coulter’s theoretical wishlist that was pawned off as the book, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Anne Coulter is absolutely dedicated, isn’t she? When she responded to the question, ‘Will Bill Clinton be forced to resign?’, she said: “If Democrats believe their party stands for something, he will be convicted. If not, the Republic is finished”. If the Republic is finished, then what is Anne Coulter and her fellow Patriots going to do about it?

The Patriots are Coming, the Patriots are Coming ! ! ! Sure, they’ve taken over the media, now all they need is the hearts and souls of America. Maybe they should spend some more time shedding some more tears on Prime Time, to demonstrate their humanity. That will certainly choke ‘em all up -it’s a real tear jerker of a performance. Too bad they didn’t shed any for JFK Jr. Kennedys don't cry. [November 20, 1999]

They’re back. Took them a while this time around. It must be a really well planned set up. Current criminal charges about withholding subpoenaed emails are obviously very serious business. A computer contract employee witness publicly claims that the White House Mafia threatened and intimidated her, and that should be more than enough to win the next election, shouldn’t it? Barbara Olson appears on national television to assure the world that “this in not a member of the right wing conspiracy.” If Barbara Olson prematurely claims that it is not a conspiracy, it is a conspiracy. The “Republican McCarthyite Committee” has a clear record of cultivating fraudulent witnesses for the purpose of destroying enemies like Clinton and Gore, and they can pervert the entire justice system and secure as many fraudulent convictions as they like, but they cannot restore the reputation of the vast right wing conspiracy. But give them credit, they’ve come a long way, haven’t they? They used to pull documents out of pumpkins. It was only a matter of time before they exploited technology -they have finally discovered the power of e-commerce. Good for them. Hack away, the way our JFK Jr. tribute website is repeatedly hacked, and pretend to be for law and order. But don't expect to receive any support from former Senator Alphonse D'Amato. He has cleverly distanced himself and blamed the entire Whitewater fiasco on the incompetence of Ken Starr. You can certainly jump ship for the sake of moonlighting [comedian, journalist -what is he now?] you can wash McDougal’s blood off, but you cannot abandon personal responsibility. And what are all his Iran-Contra buddies doing now, reviving terrorist networks? [March 24 2000]

Appearing on the Geraldo show on June 7 2000, Anne Coulter vigorously lambasted John Connolly's book-in-progress on the Monica Lewinsky affair. But she did it, not by disputing the facts but by highlighting the phony scandal that John Connolly had alleged that Anne Coulter and Geraldo were having an affair. No reliable source, including Connolly himself, said that Anne Coulter is having an affair with Geraldo, but everybody should condemn the pre-publishing censorship campaign that Anne Coulter and her cronies have vigorously engaged. If John Connolly is slandering and libeling the vast, right wing Inquisition that Anne Coulter has embraced, she should sue him. She should not go on national television and seek to divert attention away from the truth by promoting the preposterous suggestion that she and Geraldo had sex -who cares? In particular, in a free and open society, pre-publicity censorship is extremely sinister, and in that respect, Anne Coulter has finally exposed the genuine nature of her character. To be sure, everybody who brings out the skeletons out of her closet is allegedly guilty of libel and slander. Sue us, sue Connolly, sue everybody -Larry Klayman is on the payroll. Perhaps, the courts can bring out the truth about Anne Coulter. In particular, what did Anne Coulter think about the fact that her former boss, JFK Jr., favored the Clinton Administration? More significantly, why would somebody like Anne Coulter work for somebody like JFK Jr., unless she was a spy who was seeking to advance the interests of her friends by destroying her enemies? Now that sounds like the real Anne Coulter, doesn't it? Do not expect Anne Coulter to sue anybody who tells the truth.

Given the fact that Bill Clinton was acquitted despite her stupid book High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Anne Coulter has proved to be an exceedingly ignorant, hypocritical, and sinister censor. Censorship is evil, and the menacing threat that Anne Coulter was "looking forward to owning Miramax” if The Insane Clown Posse is published, is an absolutely ludicrous statement. Indeed, ignorant bigots like Anne Coulter have proved that the simple truth is the only thing that cannot be published without the threat of a lawsuit. Remember that old saying, “the greater the truth, the greater the slander”? Believe it, it is always true whenever aggressive, pre-publishing censorship crosses paths with gossip mongers like Anne Coulter. Every single normal person in the United Stated understands the fact there is not a single thing on this planet that can revive the reputation of the “lunatic fringe”, and if Anne Coulter thinks that censorship will, she is absolutely deluded. The author that Anne Coulter and her posse is censoring is former cop and investigative reporter John Connolly, and the title of his book, The Insane Clown Posse, proves that this is one former police detective who knows what he is talking about. [posted June 9 2000]

Is this significant? It's difficult to figure out. Anne Coulter appears on Geraldo Rivera and claims that she loves George Bush. This is the fanatic who used to work for John F. Kennedy Jr. Under normal circumstances, Anne Coulter's "love" is harmless. This is one extreme partisan who normally betrays her capacity to hate, and that is why it is currently December 6, 2000 and the world still does not know who the next President of the United States will be. [posted December 6, 2000.]

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